Summer is coming, it’s getting warmer and it is time to visit the beach. It’s a must for a girl to own several bikinis and body suits. This tutorial will teach you how to crochet really unique bikini top. There are not too much crocheted bikinis in stores. Another thing about the swimsuits is that there are specific designs which get popular and everybody starts wearing them. Probably every 5th girl on the beach is wearing the same bikini. Girls usually get annoyed when they see someone wearing the same thing as them. This way you will have the chance to create something on your own.

YouTube is full of crochet channels and there are lots of really good ones. This bikini video is made by “Sirin’s Crochet”, one of few DIY channels that provide perfect tutorials.

We hope this article will make your summer enjoyable, since you’re going to be outstanding on the beach with your crocheted bikini top.

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