Hello world. This is our first article on this website and we decided to start it with Earrings. These earrings are super easy to crochet and are perfect for summer. Since you’re on our blog right now, you’re probably a crochet lover and you know what you’re going to need to create these beautiful ear accessory – you’ve guessed it right, a crochet hook and some yarn.

Decide which color fits you the most and start watching the tutorial. Handmade stuff is widely popular and people just love buying things that are unique. We think that these earrings can help you make some extra money, so if you have some free time, make more than one pair.

The video is by “Claudetta Crochet” and is filled with useful tips and instructions. Even though this project is very easy, you must be careful not to miss any steps, so pay attention to everything author has to say.

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