The Chevron Stitch

The Chevron Stitch is one of the most beautiful techniques out there and is widely popular. Blankets made with this stitch come out very beautiful. You can use only two or even one color, but many different colors make the gorgeous texture more visible.

The main thing why this technique is considered simple, is that there’s only one row and you will have to repeat it. In this particular tutorial, the author didn’t make the border for this blanket, but you can make it if you want. As most of the crochet projects, this one also starts with a slipknot, the rest is shown in the video below, so if you’re ready to crochet, start watching.

Just like our previous tutorial, this one is also made by “Claudetta Crochet”. If you liked the first one, you are definitely going to love this one too. We want to wish you luck and we hope you are going to have fun in the process.

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